Faculty of Paramedical and Allied Health Sciences Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

An autonomous statuary body to regulate education, training, examination
and registration of paramedics and allied health professionals

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - Faculty of Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences (FPMA) Act, 2016 enactment is a watershed event in history of the Faculty, hitherto working under the outdated Medical Degrees Act, 1916.
With re-organization of the Faculty under this Act; FPMA is expected to bring a paradigm shift in its working for raising the standard and quality of education, training and examination of paramedical and allied health professionals that is in line with the contemporary needs and developments.
It is worth mentioning that FPMA is a financially self-sustaining autonomous public sector institute which can serve as role model for other autonomous institutes including MTIs, PHSA, HCC, Health Foundation and others.
I would advise FPMA for making all endeavors towards augmenting the standard of paramedical & allied health sciences education & training on scientific lines, updating curricula and conducting examinations in a merit based, transparent manner.
FPMA should ensure production of highly skilled paramedical human resource based not only on skills, knowledge and competence but also having ethics and moral values becoming a worthy and useful member for the society.

Mr. Abid Majeed
Chairman BoG
Secretary Health

Govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar

Faculty of Paramedical & Allied Health Sciences (FPMA) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the sole statutory regulatory authority established under "Faculty of Paramedical& Allied Health Sciences Act, 2016"as a body corporate. It oversees 83 affiliated Institutes across the province and manages examination of 22,000 + student twice a year in 21 technologies each with its own distinctive requirement.
The FPMA is mandated to affiliate institutions imparting paramedical and allied health sciences education/training and regulate their performance to safeguard quality education that is in line with the contemporary needs and latest scientific advancements.
It endeavors to ensure that technical human resource of high quality is produced to serve the population. The result of improved and upgraded, quality training would ensure enhanced healthcare quality and increased patients/clients satisfaction in addition to enabling trainees compete for employment opportunities for these very essential skills in the global market.
Examination and results' system has been computerized in order to ensure transparency. Most related functions have been automated and can be accessed online. Institutes' / Students are encouraged to capitalize on the opportunities provided and to come upto the expectations of the ailing humanity.

Dr. Muhammad Javaid Khan
(Chief Executive Officer)

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